Healthy Habits Of Eating

Healthy Habits Of Eating – Good food habits Importance Of Good Eating Habits  What are the good food habits that we should adopt in our lives this tells the second chapter of Shri Sudarshans highly enlightening book Nature Health and Beauty In this they are telling us what should we eat when should we eat how should … Read more

How To Get Rid of The Problem of Stomach Gas

If gas is produced in the stomach, do not forget these 3 things People ignore their health due to the changing lifestyle and work.About 70 percent of the people are suffering from stomach gas problem.Because of this, stomach pain, headache or the mind starts to feel heavy.  People usually drink asafetida, celery and black salt … Read more

Trouble With Breathing

Shortness of Breath: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects trouble with breathing What is the treatment of shortness of breath Shortness of breath or dyspnea is an uncomfortable condition where people have difficulty breathing.  Heart and lung disorders can prevent the inhibit air from getting completely into the lungs and cause trouble breathing.  The problem … Read more

Trouble Breathing Healthy Tips

Having trouble breathing? Strengthen lungs with these 3 Yogasanas People suffering from lung problems face a lot of difficulty in getting oxygen to the body, so there is a need to keep the lungs healthy.To keep the lungs healthy it is necessary to practice some exercises and yogasan regularly along with catering. Without lungs, oxygen … Read more

Health Fitness Tips Home Work Ideas

If you want to stay for health then adopt these fund of Health Fitness Tips Home Work Ideas A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body The saying is old, but is completely true. By the way, if we include some things in our routine and follow some rules, then we can keep ourselves … Read more

Drinking Milk in Summer Causes Vomiting.

Drinking milk in summer becomes like vomiting and no milk digest! Digest milk at any time with 5 measures 5 Ayurvedic ways to digest milk in summer, which will never cause vomiting. Often you must have noticed that many children or even older people are hesitant to drink milk and they feel like vomiting after … Read more

The Benefits of Earl Gray Tea

Benefits of Earl Gray Tea: Earl Gray Tea is better than Green Tea in taste and health, know its 6 amazing benefits If you will taste earl gray tea once, you will definitely like it. Let’s know here why you should switch to this tea. There is an interesting story behind Earl Gray Tea. In … Read more

Summer Diet Tips: 5 Best Diet Tips of Summer

Summer Diet Tips: 5 Best Diet Tips of  Summer Talked about Indian diet tips for summer in a live session on Instagram.Summer is at its peak with seasonal fruits being included in the diet.Many people are thinking of losing weight during the hot summer of this summer. Diet Tips for Summer : Highlights Hydration in … Read more

World Hypertension to manage high BP include breakfast

World Hypertension Day 2020: These 4 easy banana recipes to manage high BP include breakfast World Hypertension Day 2020: Did you know that you can make Healthy Recipe completely using banana.This is some of them. You can control high blood pressure by taking these banana recipes in the morning breakfast. World Hypertension Day: World Hypertension … Read more