Healthy Habits Of Eating

Healthy Habits Of Eating – Good food habits Importance Of Good Eating Habits 

What are the good food habits that we should adopt in our lives this tells the second chapter of Shri Sudarshans highly enlightening book Nature Health and Beauty In this they are telling us what should we eat when should we eat how should we eat and what should be taken care of
Easy to digest foods
Making nutritious food systematically from the available ingredients in the kitchen is an art and it also requires caution Relying only on servants is not enough for this The housewife must know about the nutritional properties available in lentils vegetables and spices There should be so much understanding of how an easily digestible food can be prepared
For domestic and natural remedies it is important to know its detailed information and the importance of balanced diet Let us mention good food habits
By the age of forty, those who come to live can eat and digest At this time the energy from food is also very much Generally, there is no problem with this
Generally, the food prepared by the age of forty is not digestible It is not able to keep you fit.
Therefore it would be better to change your arrow-methods of eating and drinking even before forty
It would be better if you make your children habit of using more quantity of fruits green vegetables milk curd and water This will keep you and your children healthy
Instead of relying on medicines strength pills and injections make it a habit to depend on your dose.
You have to decide the type and quantity of your food keeping in mind your financial situation the food available in the house the time of work which member has to leave or come home.
Which member has to do mental and whom physical work Meditation is also important in your food system This is worthy of them
School children should get more protein, mineral, and vitamin-rich food.
Iron-rich food is beneficial for young girls.
Do not be indifferent to your dose when you are young Nutritious food is mandatory at this time It is also easily digested Therefore maintain strength.
Upon reaching adulthood the food should be light and digestible But do not forget to eat from time to time Otherwise there can be extreme weakness Then it will be difficult to compensate.
You will have to be more careful in old age Food should be low fat Easily digestible. At regular times it is advisable to have meals.
The child whose parents take complete care from newborn to first ten years Provides nutritious food according to age Those children are also interested in food After this they are in a position to be able to eat the food they need The health of such a child never falls.
Also appreciate greens and vegetables (Importance of green leafy vegetables)
Pay special attention to greens and vegetables obtained at home in the kitchen garden or from the market For this some of the following things are necessary:
Whether from the market or any other source Always take greens and vegetables fresh Use it also on time.
Turnip radish cabbage fenugreek, spinach mustard all leaves are used. Sticks and stalks are also edible. Do not take them as a waste Use them properly so that the nutritious elements available in them go into your body and provide strength.
You will get vitamins from green leaves. Many deficiencies of the body will be fulfilled Leaves that can be eaten raw and chewed must be taken as a salad Raw vegetables or leaves are more beneficial.
Finely chopped leaves are to be added to cooked vegetables.
Even if the bran has been removed use it for making any dish It is high in protein It also relieves constipation.
If you make a sauce by grinding peels of soft raw pumpkin, peel of ghee, and make sauce They can also be mixed tightly with grated or ground finely ground dal.
You make a lentil Sometimes mix two types of pulses and make Use green coriander
The use of green onion mint bhabhi raw ginger is beneficial.
They only make wheat bread If you make bread by mixing two types of flour then it becomes nutritious and tasty
You can mix gram flour or soybean flour in wheat flour Finely chop onion coriander and mint in maize flour The taste will also increase Will be powerful.
Mix vegetable is considered a good dish in hotels Make it at home too Will be cheap and nutritious The remaining vegetables will also come in handy.
If you soak the pulses 3-4 hours in advance it will be formed quickly Both time and fuel will be saved.
But wash vegetables thoroughly before cutting Neither is it good to wash later
Sprouted foods
For this especially pulses can be sprouted and cooked Some pulses and grains can also be sprouted and used for breakfast Their nutritional value only increases.
A great feature is that pulses, peas wheat, etc sprout 3-4 times in quantity Therefore they are cheap as well as profitable This will save your money, your body will also be strong The ability to fight against diseases will also increase Hats off to the doctor remotely.
Fruits & Vegetables as per weather
Days that fruits or vegetables come in the market in plenty will be cheaper Therefore do not run towards expensive or out of date vegetables these days Buy cheap vegetables Eating them will increase strength There will also be savings Should be fond of getting fresh fruits and vegetables available during the season If the hand is tight the quantity of grain can be reduced by increasing the number of cheap vegetable Pulses can also be reduced!
Spend according to your power (Cost consideration for food)
Suppose everything is fine economically then eggs curd buttermilk fish can be used easily in food Fruits can be bought and eaten in good quantity The use of green or dry fruits also prevents the body’s power from being eroded Still you should spend according to your income.
Importance of implementing good food habits
The habit of eating the same type of food should be reduced. By changing this type of food many needs of the body are fulfilled There is also taste in eating food. Life is saved from being dull A short rest after lunch is recommended After dinner some walks are necessary One should not sleep at night as soon as they eat Sleep at least two hours.
If you want good health by avoiding diseases then food should be nutritious It should also be digestible To fulfill your mental and physical needs But it is important to regularize food etc Be punctual and never be angry while eating Only food done with a happy mind can be beneficial
Without food plants birds and animals, no human can survive Food should be done as much as the body needs That can be digested If you have kept all the food in front of you it does not mean that go on eating, even if the stomach bursts.



It is prudent to take food keeping in mind digestibility and need and age.

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