The Benefits of Earl Gray Tea

Benefits of Earl Gray Tea: Earl Gray Tea is better than Green Tea in taste and health, know its 6 amazing benefits

If you will taste earl gray tea once, you will definitely like it. Let’s know here why you should switch to this tea.

There is an interesting story behind Earl Gray Tea. In the 1830s, former British Prime Minister Earl Charles Gray had a Chinese mandarin, which blended this special flavored tea using the Bargamot Fruit Essence with a sour taste.

The PM loved it and it became so popular that people asked him to share the recipe of Earl Gray Tea. This tea is one of the most favorite tea of ​​the British by far. Earl Gray Tea This is an herbal tea with low caffeine and high antioxidants, making it a great healthful tea. If you don’t believe, read this article to learn the benefits of Bergamot tea or Earl Gray tea.

Health Benefits of Earl Gray Tea

energy booster

If you believe that only tea or coffee helps to give you energy, then try this energetic Earl Gray Tea once. It is better than caffeine you take as a regular tea cup.  Earl Gray Tea is a natural tea that has no side-effect unlike coffee / tea. Common tea or coffee is high in caffeine, which is not good for your health. In addition, the dark gray tea gives you hydrating benefits and also protects you from dehydration.

Aids in weight loss and digestion

Most people believe that it is best to take green tea to lose weight, but if you do not want to compromise on the bitter taste of green tea, then switch to earl gray tea.  It is better than green in both taste and benefits. However, you both need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  Earl Gray Tea is tasteless and contains citrus extract, which helps in the regulation of metabolism to promote weight loss.  This is the reason why many people drink black coffee with lemon for weight loss.

Apart from this, this tea helps to improve digestion, it relieves you of many stomach related problems like acid reflux, constipation, gastric issues, intestinal infections etc.

For stress relief and sleep

Drinking tea or coffee at night does not make you sleepy at night. While the opposite is true with this tea, drinking a cup of earl gray tea before bedtime helps in getting good sleep and reducing stress.  Bergamot is one of the main components of Earl Gray Tea, which is rich in natural aromatherapy properties, it is effective in reducing stress and calming the brain.  When you feel stressed and anxious, it is a quick tip to make you happy and calm your mind. After a tiring day, this tea will help you get a good night’s sleep. Apart from this, you can also massage your feet for good sleep.

Immunity booster

Bergamot oil has immune boosting properties.Bergamot has high antioxidant properties to strengthen immunity by combating harmful free-radicals.These cause oxidative stress, which is harmful to the whole body.Thus, earl gray tea can strengthen your immune system and ward off seasonal and viral infections such as cold-cough and cold-fever.

Cholesterol Control and For Better Heart Health

Bergamot also helps in reducing bad cholesterol or LDL levels in the body.  It is very helpful in keeping the heart health safe and from serious heart problems like high blood pressure, heart attack etc.

For oral health

Earl gray tea contains catechin, which is an antioxidant and aids in fighting oral infections. In addition, the fluoride found in this tea prevents tooth decay and cavity.  Thus, this tea is also beneficial for maintaining your oral health.

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