How To Get Rid of The Problem of Stomach Gas

If gas is produced in the stomach, do not forget these 3 things

People ignore their health due to the changing lifestyle and work.About 70 percent of the people are suffering from stomach gas problem.Because of this, stomach pain, headache or the mind starts to feel heavy.  People usually drink asafetida, celery and black salt in hot water to get rid of this problem.The problem with this home remedy can be cured at that time, but if you want to treat it permanently, then you have to change some of your habits.

1. eat home food

If for some reason you are forced to eat outside food, then try to eat spicy food at least. Avoid eating more spicy food This is because firstly, the food outside is not nutritious nor is this food prepared cleanly.  Apart from this, the oil and spices used to cook it are a little difficult to digest. Due to constipation, gas starts to form in the stomach. So the next time if you have to eat outside for some reason, then try to eat some light food.

2. Medicines

If you take antibiotics due to any problem, then tell them that there is also a problem of gas in the stomach. Actually, eating these medicines reduces the number of ‘good bacteria’ that keep the digestive power of the stomach low, due to which the food is not digested properly and the gas troubles start If your stomach is not able to clear due to any reason, then gastric problems are bound to happen.  In such a situation, you must take the advice of your doctor, so that he can tell you the solution to overcome your problem.

3. Chew food and eat

There are many people who do not chew food properly and swallow like this.  It is not right to do so.This makes our body very hard to digest food In this case, gas also starts in the stomach.Therefore, tie this knot from today, whenever you eat something, chew it properly and eat it.  Never be afraid to eat food.

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