Enjoy these recipes made from guava before winter ends.

Guava is available in carts everywhere in the market. Apart from eating this fruit which is very tasty and full of health properties, many delicious recipes can be made from it.

Red and white guavas have started becoming available in the market. This seasonal fruit which comes in winter is not only delicious to eat but is also very beneficial for health. Apart from eating this fruit normally, people also prepare many types of recipes from it and eat it. You can make many delicious things from guava which is full of excellent aroma and taste. If you are bored of eating ordinary guava, then today we will tell you three such recipes of guava, which everyone in your house, from children to elders, will like very much.

Guava Jam Recipe

To make jam from guava, first wash the guava in clean water, remove the peel, cut it and keep it aside.

Now keep water in a pan to heat. When the water boils, add the guava and boil it.

When the guava boils, separate it from the water and cool it.

Now keep the pan on heat and mash the boiled guava in it.

Add sugar, a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of citric acid to the mashed guava and cook.

When the mixture becomes thick, let it cool at room temperature and later store it in a glass jar.

Guava Mojito Mocktail Recipe

To make Guava Mojito Mocktail, grind guava with water in a mixer jar.

Take out the guava paste in a bowl, add sugar, lemon juice, salt and black salt and mix it.

Now put two spoons of guava mixture in a serving glass and add half a cup of soda water and mix.

Your Guava Mojito Mocktail is ready to serve.

Store the remaining guava puree in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

Guava Jelly Recipe

To make guava jelly, cut the guava and boil it in water for half an hour.

To separate the water from the guava, tie the guava in a cotton cloth and squeeze it and place some heavy object on top for a night.

On the second day, add more water to the guava pulp and cook for 10-15 minutes and separate the pulp.

Now mix sugar, lemon juice and a pinch of salt in the remaining guava juice and cook it.

When the jelly starts thickening, add citric acid to it and boil on high flame.

When the jelly gets cooked and becomes thick and starts forming drops, spread it in a plate and cool it.

Cut into desired shapes and serve.

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