Drinking Milk in Summer Causes Vomiting.

Drinking milk in summer becomes like vomiting and no milk digest! Digest milk at any time with 5 measures

5 Ayurvedic ways to digest milk in summer, which will never cause vomiting.

Often you must have noticed that many children or even older people are hesitant to drink milk and they feel like vomiting after drinking milk. Some people actually vomit after drinking milk. Due to which they stop drinking milk. And those who do not stop drinking milk prefer to drink milk by mixing other types of powder. By doing this, they not only get the qualities of milk and their health is also not made. They hold milk responsible for this, but it is not so. Especially in summer people do not like to drink milk because they do not digest milk. Although people adopt many methods to digest milk, but these methods are not successful.In this article, we are telling you 5 such methods according to Ayurveda, through which you can digest milk easily.

What are these rules of Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, milk is nothing less than a treasure for our health.
Milk contains enough nutrients, which are beneficial for our overall health in many ways. However, if the rules given in Ayurveda are to be followed, if milk is mixed with other foods and drunk, then the nutritional value of milk increases further.  Problems like piles, constipation, acidity, sleepiness can be prevented by drinking milk mixed with other things.

Do not drink raw milk

According to Ayurveda, milk should always be drunk by boiling and lukewarm.  Be careful not to drink raw milk as it contains harmful bacteria, which can spoil the stomach. So always drink lukewarm milk.

Drink these things mixed with milk

If you do not drink milk, you can also drink turmeric or shilajit in milk.By doing this, milk will digest easily and you will also be away from many diseases.

Put small peppers in milk

You can drink some spices in your house like small peppers in milk. By doing this the milk will digest easily. All you have to do is boil a small peeple in milk and consume it.

Drink milk after Panchkol

In Ayurveda, boil Panchkol ie Peepal Peepamool Chitrasya Saunth in 1 glass of water and when only 50 grams remain, filter it and drink it. No matter how much milk you drink after drinking it, everything will be digested.

Drink this mixture on flatulence

If you feel that after drinking milk, your stomach is bloating or your stomach is twitching, then add a little ginger, cloves, cardamom and saffron to the milk and drink. By doing this your stomach will not become bloated.

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