Weight To Gain During Pregnancy – Important Information

Weight to gain during pregnancy is important, but how much weight?

When you are pregnant, most people recommend that you should eat for 2 people so that you can gain weight. But after all, how much weight gain during pregnancy is normal, learn here. weight to gain during pregnancy.

Every woman gains weight during 9 months of pregnancy but how much weight gain is necessary?  How much weight should be gained? And how much weight gain is normal in terms of good health of both mother and child?  If you have all these questions in your mind, then we are telling you the answer. Actually, there is no fixed parameter of how much weight should be increased because it can vary according to the need of every woman. Most women usually gain 10 to 12 kg of weight during pregnancy.  But how much weight you will gain or how much you should increase depends on many things.
Should you eat for 2 people in pregnancy?
During pregnancy, whatever part of the mother’s weight increases, only a part of it is fat. The rest is the weight of the baby, the weight of placenta, the weight of amniotic fluid (water around the baby), the weight of extra blood and the weight of natural water retention in the body.  If you are pregnant then it is very important for you to consume healthy and balanced diet so that the necessary nutrients can reach your child. But how much calories does a pregnant woman need? Does she really need to eat 2 people? How much truth is there in this matter?
There are 300 extra calories every day.
No, during pregnancy you do not need to eat food for 2 people.  During the pregnancy, you only need to add 300 healthy calories and add the calories you were consuming before getting pregnant.  Doing this will help you gain the required weight gain. Also, how much weight you will gain during pregnancy depends on how much weight you had before pregnancy. According to gynecologists…
Do weight gain according to the current BMI.
If a woman is underweight i.e. her BMI is less than 18.5, then during pregnancy she should gain 14 to 18 kg.
If your weight is normal i.e. your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 then you should gain weight from 11 to 16 kg.
If a woman is already overweight and her BMI is between 25 and 30, then 7 to 11 kg weight gain is right for them.
If a woman is troubled by obesity problem and her BMI is above 30, then 5 to 9 kg weight gain is enough for them.
Half a kilo weight gain every week.
Talking according to the different stage of pregnancy, during the first trimester ie 1 to 3 months of pregnancy, you should gain 2 to 3 kg and after that, during the whole pregnancy weight gain of 500 grams every week is considered normal. goes.

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