Weight Gain in Periods: Then Know What is The Reason

weight gain in periods : If your weight increases during periods, then know what is the reason

If you also gain weight during periods, then let us know what is the reason for this.

Many times you must have noticed that during periods your weight suddenly increases. By the way, everyone knows that there are many changes in the body during periods, due to which many things happen, but hardly you will know that your weight also increases during periods.  However, you do not have to worry about it, as soon as your periods end, your weight will come back down.

Sometimes people get upset due to weight gain during periods, but you do not need to be worried, you just have to pay attention to some things so that your health is good and you should also pay special attention to your food during this time so that your  There should be no physical problem of any kind.  So let’s know why weight increases during periods.

1. Hormones Disbalance

As your date draws near, so many changes happen in your body, many people have rash on their face, if someone gets pimple then some people get swollen in their stomach. In such a situation, your hormones are disabling. Actually, during the periods, the level of female sex hormone estrogen increases and this leads to the accumulation of fluid in the body. Hence, weight also increases.  But this youth is reduced when your periods are over.

2. Having multiple cravings

During the period, people have to face many problems and during this time many people start craving things like junk food, chocolate, chips.  This happens because your level of Happy Hormones increases during this time.  But during this time you should eat good and healthy food so that your body remains fit.

3. Pay attention to workouts

If you work out beforehand and you feel that I should not do it during periods, then you are wrong. If you have problems on the first day, you skin it, but after that, even if you do less workouts, do it. Instead of heavy workouts, you do stretching and walk lightly running to keep your body moving and this will also make you feel better.

4. Do not take too much caffeine

Many people drink more tea or coffee during periods but it is wrong to do so.  You can take green tea instead, or take the help of hot water. If you have pain, then in this way you foment the painful part with hot water and drink as much water so that there is no lack of water in the body.  Due to the intake of more caffeine, the body begins to have water retention and bloating, which leads to weight gain.

5. Eat less salt in the diet

Salt increases inflammation of the body and it is found in every packaged material.  Reduce the salt in the food a few days before the period starts. Avoid milk and other dairy products that contain lactose.

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