Weight Gain For Girls: What Causes Weight Gain

What causes you to gain weight, you will be stunned by knowing

Weight gain is a common practice due to incorrect eating and lifestyle. Often people adopt many methods for weight loss, but still there is no significant benefit. In fact, there are many reasons, which are responsible for increasing weight somewhere and it becomes extremely difficult to lose weight regardless of them.  So let’s know about some such reasons-

Insufficient sleep

To stay healthy, it is not necessary to get enough sleep, but it is also related to your weight. People who sleep less than eight hours have an excessive amount of hunger. Indeed, sleeping less increases the appetite suppressing hormone leptin. Due to which the person gets hungry again and again. Especially, when the person is awake during the night, he feels more hungry and he eats some unhealthy food. To tackle this problem, it is very important to follow a good sleep hygiene. For this, take meals two hours before bedtime. Also keep the  and other electric devices away from the bedroom. Not only this, as far as possible, avoid consuming caffeinated beverages before bedtime. This causes sleep disturbance.

Prescription drugs

Since nowadays almost every person suffers from some physical problem and people use different types of medicines to get rid of that problem. But sometimes weight gain starts as a side effect of some medicines like steard, birth control pills, diabetic medicines and depression medications. Therefore, if you feel that you are coming under obesity due to continuous use of any medicine, then please contact the doctor once.

Quit smoking

We all know that smoking is harmful to health and should get rid of this habit as soon as possible. But maybe you are not aware of this, but some people start gaining weight rapidly after quitting smoking. An easy way to avoid this problem is that whenever you say goodbye to smoking, pay enough attention to your diet and exercise along with it so that the weight does not increase. Apart from this, sometimes some medical conditions also cause weight gain. In this situation it is extremely important to consult a doctor.

Over stress

In the present times, stress has become a part of everyone’s life. But if stress exceeds the requirement, it also increases the level of cortisol. According to one study, high levels of cortisol and fat mass are closely related. Stress hormones called cortisol cause many problems as well as increase weight. So try to be stress free as far as possible.

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