Symptoms For Heart Attack in Females

Symptoms For Heart Attack in Females – Know 5 Major Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women…

Apart from hormones, anatomical differences are also found in men and women, that is why there is a difference in symptoms, intensity etc. of any disease.  Know these 5 symptoms of heart attack in women –

1 Fatigue – If you are feeling tired despite resting for a long time, do not feel like doing any work and feel nervous, do not delay in contacting the doctor.

2 Chest pain- Feeling chest pain with severe restlessness and feeling of heaviness or even pressure on the chest can also cause heart problem or heart attack.

3 Sweating- These symptoms are also involved in severe abdominal pain or perspiration. See a doctor especially when you are having a cold sweating.

4 Breath- There is a lot of difficulty in breathing in this condition. Contact your doctor if you ever feel that you are not able to breathe easily.

5 Pain- Back pain, feeling of stretch along with pain in hands and jaws is also a symptom of heart problem. You only need to be cautious about this.

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