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How To Do Yoga At Home – Hello friends, do you want to know how to do yoga at home or what is the right way to do yoga at home, then you are on the right article, let me show you today how to do yoga and youth through this post. Ways will be told in Hindi that you too can keep your body, mind and body fit

Friends, doing yoga is a very good thing and it calms our mind like we have a lot of tension in our life and we allow that tension to get inside our body somewhere so that our house also makes a difference in the family. It is with whom we talk that our conversation makes a difference, then the biggest problem is how can we live this life happily.

And there are many people who do not get time to exercise, who do not get time to go to the gym, then how will a person keep himself fit in that condition and keep his mind calm and his mind will also keep his body healthy Gets tough

So the best way we will tell you is that if you do not get time, you do not get time, then you should start doing yoga. There are many benefits of youth.  Will change the way

By doing yoga, the irritability inside your mind and you will also get angry and you will have more tension and your mind will be very distracted, sometimes you will feel nervous and will feel pain in your body.  You can overcome

Friends, there are many people who think why do yoga, what are the benefits of doing yoga, then those people do not understand and those people think that earning more and more money in life should be done.

Friends, we believe that you will have money in your life, so it is okay, but if you do not have a body, then what will you do with this money, then we want to tell you the most, who consider Joga to be useless  We want to say to them that yoga is a very good thing that keeps your body healthy, keeps your mind calm, enhances your thinking ability, helps you to meditate and not knowing how many benefits there are for doing yoga.  Of

So friends, without wasting much time, we directly see how to do yoga and ways to do yoga in Hindi too.

How To Do Yoga At Home

1. Choose the right time

Friends, if you have to do yoga then it is very important for you to choose the right time for it and we would like to tell you that the best time to do yoga and the time it takes is in the morning because in the morning your mind is calm. Is fresh

If you do yoga at this time, you will benefit a lot.  By the way, if we are telling you that you have to do yoga in the morning then if you do not get time in the morning at all, because there are many people whose job timings are very early in the morning, then they do not get time at that time. You can do it in the afternoon or in the evening after you come home

There will be no harm in this that you will not do any such thing, according to which time you feel best, you select the same time of doing yoga and you do yoga at the same time every day, it will give you a lot of benefit and your The body will keep the temperature and brain healthy

So today we will give you complete information about the right way to do yoga and how to do yoga and we hope that you too read this article with our full attention and whatever we want to teach you, you should pay full attention to it. You can also do youth sitting at home and convert your body into a healthy body.

But if you get time in the morning, then we will advise you that the time to do yoga in the morning is the best and if you get time, then you do yoga in the morning.

2. Sitting in Relax Position

Friends, many times many people ask us how to do yoga and tell us how to do yoga, then we say that the right way to do yoga is whether you are doing yoga by putting yourself in the right position or not.

Because many people do yoga, but they do not have much benefits, they do not have much benefits, why are they not, because they do not follow the right way to get young, they do not know in which position you should sit while doing yoga.  He does not know this and that is his biggest mistake.

And this is the reason why people say that there is no benefit from yoga, but it is absolutely wrong that there are so many benefits of doing yoga, you may not even know. At first it will be very famous in our India, then people from all over the world do yoga now that the benefits of youth are going on in everyone and everyone has come to know that doing yoga is not a waste of time at all

Then while doing yoga, where should you do yoga, for this we will tell you that if you have a small room, you can do yoga there.

You should spread a small mat and sit in it in the right way and do yoga, and you also have to keep in mind that the environment around the room in which you are doing yoga or wherever you are doing youth is very clear.  Be clean

If you can, you have to youth in a very quiet place only then you can take advantage of the youth like if there is a lot of party happening around you or if there is too much noise, then you can do your best in doing yoga. Won’t be able to concentrate

So that’s why we will ask you to choose a place where there is not much thinking happening at all, where you can easily do your yoga sitting with a completely calm mind.

3. Do Yoga on an empty stomach

The best way to do yoga is that you have to do yoga empty stomach, so you will benefit a lot. And the great sage Muni and our Ramdev Baba Ji also say that yoga should be done on an empty stomach and as we said that you should do it in the morning, when we wake up the whole morning then we are absolutely calm and without that time  Eat something you have to do yoga

Do not do yoga at all immediately after having food, we have seen many people who go to youth after eating a full stomach, but this is not the right way to do yoga.

And we have also seen many people say that today you had to do some yoga yoga which you forgot, then after you have eaten food you remember that oh I had to do yoga as well, then many people do  That he starts doing yoga after that too full stomach

This is not the right way to do yoga at all, if you have forgotten to do any yoga practice, then it does not matter if you do it the next day, but after eating when your stomach is full then we will not do the right way to do yoga at all.

4. How is the style

Friends, if you are doing yoga, then you have to do yoga by wearing loose-fitting clothes. We have seen many people who used to be young and now make them young by wearing jeans too. Brother, you are doing yoga. And how you can do it by wearing jeans or how you can do yoga by wearing a track suit

We will ask you to wear clothes that you can gently stretch so that you can stretch your body completely or you can move your body properly only then why you will be able to take full advantage of yoga.

5. Do yoga daily

Friends, we have seen a lot of people who watch a video of yoga or read a lot more about them, then they are very loud, then we will not tell them that if you have decided in my mind that I  If you want to do yoga, we will tell you that you have taken the right decision

But we have seen that many people do it for a few days, like one day 2 days or 1 week then after that stop doing yoga. Friends, this is not the right way to get young at all.

Doing 1 day or 2 days will not benefit you, even if you have done it for a week, then you will not get any benefit, you will feel the benefit, the benefit will not give you for long.

If you want to see the benefits of Yoga in the true sense and you also want to see a change in life, then you have to do youth every day, not one day, not 2 days, you will have to do yoga forever and friends we can say with confidence  You will see the benefits that you will never get in anything else.

6. Method of Yoga

Friends, when you are doing yoga or doing yoga, then at that time you have to leave your body completely loose and you should do any yoga yoga comfortably. It should not be that if you are unable to do any yoga yoga or you have difficulty  If you feel, then you are forcibly doing your yoga by hurting your body.

By doing this, you and your body may suffer a lot, then we will not do anything to you that if you are not feeling comfortable in doing yoga, then do not do that young person and first of all, be full about it.  Need information

I have seen many times that people start doing any yoga practice without knowing the right way, then here we will tell you that you have to leave your body completely loose and after that you have to do the same yoga practice so that you can do it  I don’t feel any pain

If you are doing yoga yoga for the first time, then we will not ask you to do the most difficult yoga, we will make you simple to say to you, and as soon as you get experience in doing yoga, then you start doing difficult yoga.

7. Make Changes

Friends, which is our body, it does not take much time to read its habit towards anything, if you do the same yoga daily, you will not benefit much.

You have to do this from time to time to try new new ways and new yogasanas. Suppose on Monday we have done one yogasana and on Tuesday you have to do other yogasans. This means that you will be able to do all yoga

We will tell you that in the beginning you are doing two to three yogasanas every day, then as your experience will increase in doing yoga yoga, then you can do as much yoga as you wish in one day.

Right way to do yoga at home

So, friends, as you have come to know how to do yoga, we tell you in a few points whatever we have covered so far.

1. Yoga we should always do on an empty stomach, if you have eaten food then you can do yoga after 3 to 4 hours

2. While doing yoga, you have seen breathless nose and exhaled breath. We have seen many people who breathe through their mouth and exhale through nose while doing yoga. This is absolutely wrong way

3. If possible, what you will do in the open space so that you can get fresh air and you can get plenty of oxygen, you will benefit greatly in doing yoga.

4. Friends, if your health is bad, such as you have a fever or a cold, or your joints are in pain, then at that time we will not ask you at all to do yoga, your health will get worse.  If you do not feel well, then you should not do yoga on that day, of course, when you are well, after that you can start doing yoga.

5. While doing yoga, you have to keep your body absolutely straight and you have to release the breath slowly, it is not that you breathed fast, and you left the breath at that fast, not that you have to breathe slowly and slowly.  To leave from

6. Always wear soft and tight clothes while doing yoga.

Some important things for you

Friends, if you ask us the benefits of doing

yoga, then we tell you that by getting young, your mind power will increase a lot, your thinking ability will increase a lot.

Your lungs will be right and yoga will help you a lot to overcome any disease.

Doing yoga keeps your blood pressure in control

Doing yoga keeps your heart healthy and reduces heart attack ability

By doing yoga, your eyesight will also intensify, your mind will always remain calm and you will not feel nervous.

Your body will be completely flexible and you will never have joint pain or body pain.

Here we will tell you that when you are doing yoga, then at that time you have to focus your attention only in yoga, lest you are young and how to party at night, but this thing is absolutely wrong.

If you are spending your time in the same thing, then it is very important to announce you in that way and we will tell you that if you are doing yoga, then you should spend all your concentration in yoga and nothing else because if  If you focus on something else, then you will not be able to reap the benefits of Yoga.

You friends

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