How To Clean Toothbrush

how to clean toothbrush – Clean your toothbrush in this way It is very important to keep a clean toothbrush cleaning teeth. Periodically keep cleaning your toothbrush and pay attention to its maintenance.   Toothbrush cleaning   The American Dental Association suggests that your brush should always be changed at intervals of 3 months. With … Read more

Ear And Jaw Pain

Ear And Jaw Pain These Home Remedies Will Give Immediate Relief 1. Is the pain in your jaw also, this may be the reason?   The number of people suffering from TMD, ie, Temporomandibular Jewel Disorder, is increasing continuously. 52 percent of the Indian population is slightly or more distressed by TMD and 22 percent … Read more

Ear Itching On The Inside

If you are troubled by itching of ear, then do this remedy Ear itching is a common practice, but if there is more itching in the ear, then it is important for you to know the remedies to remove itching in the ear. You cannot open itching in the ear normally as you do in … Read more

Itching Inside Ear

Home remedies for ear itching, do not have to go to the doctor Itching in the ears, running water while bathing, or having a problem of crust freezing. These are all the problems that happen to all of us. On normal days we would immediately go to the ENT Specialist in case of difficulty in … Read more

High Blood Sugar Level

High Blood Sugar Level : Such symptoms are seen when the amount of sugar in the blood increases. It has become very common for us to increase the amount of sugar in the blood. Because our food and living have become such that the problem of sugar is also seen in children. The special thing … Read more

The 5 Super Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss: 5 ways to lose weight fast after delivery Do not worry if you are not able to lose weight after delivery. You can follow some healthy post pregnancy weight loss tips, in a few months you will get the same figure again (tips for post pregnancy weight loss) Tips for post … Read more